Help for Ukrainian refugees and their children

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The Embassy has been active since the beginning of the Russian aggression. The first action was to help the Franciscan Fathers who brought a group of Ukrainian refugees from Odessa, we financed their travel and first needs in Bulgaria. Then, in cooperation with Caritas Ruse, we helped the Ukrainian refugees in Ruse with the purchase of hygiene materials and food. Representatives of the Embassy went personally to Ruse and met the refugees at the Caritas Crisis Centre. All kinds of toys for the centre and individual gifts were provided, as well as drawing materials for all of the children. Foosball tables, bicycles, puzzles and more were donated. “The refugees need different kinds of help, we are looking for clothes for them, because some of them have only the clothes on their backs”- says the director of the Crisis Centre Georgi Mihov. “They need diapers, hygiene materials, toys as the profile of refugees who come is very different from professors to cleaners”-he adds. Their stories are heartbreaking, like that of the family with three children of Oleg and Tetyana Yavorov who fled Odessa. They recall the howling sirens and the fear they have experienced. The Embassy also helped refugees accommodated near the town of Rakovski, for whom a trampoline, trolleys, foosball, darts, fedeball and other toys were purchased.