New clothes and shoes for the children from Dolna Banya


At the beginning of 2023, the Embassy of the Order of Malta received a large donation from Senator Merloni in Italy. It consisted of brand new lightweight duvets, blankets, winter boots, warm slippers, jackets, underwear, clothes and sweets. They were provided by the Embassy to the Family-type Children’s Accommodation Center in Dolna Banya, where nearly 20 children from the age of 6 to 16 live. “We are very grateful for this donation, as children and young people rarely receive new clothes and shoes. We mainly use donations from various families who give us clothes and shoes that are no longer their children’s’ size. That is why the children liked these gifts very much,” said Lilia Penova, director of the centre in Dolna Banya. “Blankets will also be useful for us, as sometimes we need to save on heating,” she added. “Also, the slippers are very comfortable and of good quality, they don’t slip.”